I’m home!

I have just returned from Indianapolis Indiana after a week of training! I do have to throw mad props to Rich, when I came home the house was clean. ¬†And I don’t mean everything was thrown in the basement so I would have false sense of joy, I mean he even dusted, am I a lucky woman or what? (Or maybe a very feared woman haha)

So to celebrate my return we are having a weenie roast in our back yard, I’m excited because I love this little tradition AND I don’t have to clean up a dirty kitchen ūüôā ¬†It works out for everyone and (hopefully) makes memories that the kids can smile about later. ¬†Something about moving the hot dog and chip eating out to the back yard makes it more fun, something about the fire makes my kids wants to curl up on my lap and watch the flames. ¬†Alright I admit, I’m not the only one smiling at these memories.

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